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Wonderful Beauty Tips for the Modern Woman

As modern women, the way we look is so important. In fact, many of us are defined by the way we look. And maybe this isn’t a good thing, but…


Fashionable Concepts You Never Thought Of Trying

If you are looking to be fashionable this summer, you should start thinking outside the box. Try things that you may have thought of before but have put off because…


Practical Style Tips That Always Work

Most of us could only dream of having a personal stylist. In fact, most of us could only dream of having longer than fifteen minutes to get ready in the…


The Most Obvious Signs of Aging – And How to Combat Them!

Many women are frightened of aging. As soon as that first grey hair appears, they’re running a mile to the hairdressers. Crows feet? It’s a mad dash to the beauty…


Failing The Fight Against Flab? Here’s Why And How To Beat It

Do you ever look in the mirror and see something you wish wasn’t there? When you have spent months or even years trying to sculpt your body into the shape…


Simple Methods to Deal with Hairy Issues

Maria Morri Hair, both on your head and body, can cause all sorts of issues. Sometimes there isn’t enough of it, and sometimes there’s too much. Everyone can choose how…

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Spring Wedding Dress Ideas For Blushing Brides

Are you planning to get married in the spring? Then you’ll have to think long and hard about your choice of dress. The best thing about holding your wedding at…


Budget Tips and Tricks to Fill Your Wardrobe

We would all love to have a wardrobe bursting at the seams. Like those rich girls in films. Unfortunately, not many of us have the budget to fill our closets…


The Young Professional Style Guide

When you’re a young professional in New York, it’s tough to look your best. The long hours at the entry level job or internship can take their toll. If you…


How To Glam Up And Improve Your Mood In Five Easy Steps

We all have days when we feel tired, bedraggled and daren’t look in the mirror. But sometimes, we just have to shape up, ship out and get on with it….